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Alignment Repair

One of the most common problems ailing vehicles is misaligned wheels. Slipping and sliding around during the Chicago winters is one of the leading causes of misalignment. Luckily, it’s an easy fix and Excel Automotive Repair is one of the best when it comes to alignment repair.

If you are wondering whether you need to get your alignment checked, consider the following. Does your vehicle pull to one side if you take your hands off the steering wheel? Do you sense a vibration of any kind while driving? Is your steering wheel crooked when the car is going straight? Do you have uneven wear on a particular tire? In particularly bad cases of misalignment you can tell just by looking at the wheels that they are not pointing the same direction.

If you need your wheels realigned, bring your car by the nearest Excel Automotive Repair location. We can align the wheels of cars, SUVs both small and large as well as certain trucks. Our alignments come with a one year warranty. If you still think your wheels are are misaligned after our servicing, we will adjust it for free.